The Next Steps…

And so after some time of inactivity, it seems that everything is falling into place nicely and I am hitting the ground running.  The New computer runs Z-Brush, my digital sculpting like a ~dream~ and my 3D printer arrives early next week.  All Systems are go.

To say I am excited about these developments is an understatement, this coupled with some developments in my personal life has left me feeling as though I am on top of the world.  My Condition is still trying to drag me down, but mentally, right now I am an indestructible bad-ass.  So what have I been up to since these new developments?

In the days since my computer arrives, I have done pretty one thing, play around with the program and the sculpting there in, in preparation for when the printer arrives, at which point I will play around with things to print and or sell.  Hopefully both, as the printer I am getting is ridiculously cool and I feel it will likely take a little while for the novelty of building things from UV light will take a while to wear off.  Well! Time to show you a preview of a very work in progress sculpt I have been doing for two reasons, one, I am selfish and wanted to make a bust of one of my RPG Characters, a rather battered and Scarred dwarf called Whurak Valtensson.  Here is a Work in progress shot.

Whurak Bust

I am still planning to work out how beards may work, I will probably do two as various subtools of the main sculpture.  One… made out of digital clay for Printing purposes, and the second, made with the fibre mess for my own artistic justification.   I still have quite a lot of detail work to do to this guy before he will be ready, but I think it is a pretty good start.

I also have a commission in the works, but I will have to show you that another time as it is a present for someones birthday.  Its a Surprise… Shhhh!

Thanks for reading once again!


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