Getting Organized

It’s been a long journey, but we’re finally getting things closer to situated. Four months from now, Mike and I will be married. The final hurdle we must climb involves a Spouse Visa and then this small-town American country girl relocating to the UK. It’ll be a trial-and-a-half for everyone involved, but we’ll figure it all out and be together in no time at all!

You might have noticed that the name of our company added “Studio” at the end. That’s because we decided to branch out and do all sorts of creative projects! In January, both of us will be full-time Freelance (Mike already is), setting our own schedules and hoping for some kind of income for all of our creative work. It’s a dream-come-true for me and I’m so excited to finally be taking that leap with my future husband at my side.

We are currently working on getting everything ready for the release of our webcomics, Runebreathers and Sorcerers Anonymous. That involves making the comic sites and planning for marketing and exposure. I’ll be making a lot of little ad banners and Facebook/Twitter images, I think!

Other than the webcomics, we’ll have other goodies for you soon, too. Once I get settled in my new home across the Pond, I’ll be partaking in a lot of different projects, exploring all of my dreams and creative outlets. I made a papier-mâché dragon once and I do intend to do so again. Anyone want one? Haha!

We are both looking forward to this new chapter in our lives. We just ask for your patience as we work up to the wedding, the move, and finally settling together in one place after so many years!

See you soon!


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